Descoware has traditionally been a great value, even when it was new. For most people, it’s a nice low level collectible that you can use in your kitchen. My own enamelware collection gets used almost every day. If you’ve found a piece and think that it’s worth a fortune… probably not.

The place to buy is eBay (of course). The value for a typical item is around $20 plus the shipping. When you compare that to new enamelware… it’s quite a buy.

Over the few years that I’ve been watching, there have been a couple of higher priced items. Some of the rare pieces go for between $100 and $150 dollars.

What makes them worth more?

  1. Unusual. There are some decorative patterns that didn’t get to the United States very often. Like everything else, scarcity creates value.
  2. Extra Useful. The large baking pans are seriously great to cook with. Deep, heavy and SOOO durable.
  3. Unused. They came out of the box with logo sticker.
  4. In the box. The boxes are actually quite rare. I only see 4 or 5 boxed items per year.