Wood Handles

No, we do not sell wood handles. It’s just a hobby, that’s all.

July 2009 update: some Clever Collegians have worked out what to do about worn out handles… MAYBE. (link here)

Finding Replacement Wooden Handles is a real problem. I have two sizes of handles in my own collection–one size about 6 inches for small pots and one size about 8 inches for fry pans. The size of the threads (the screw tip) on the handle is the same for either size in my collection. I have two styles of handle, both with metal hanging rings. There was a third style during the Japanese manufacturing period.

When the threads wear out, it’s possible to re-attach the handle using a high temp epoxy product like J-B Weld– but unless you work really hard on your repair technique, the piece will have the handle permanently attached. That means no more dishwasher!! No more Oven!!

Le Creuset has modern Black Phenolic replacement handles, but they are at best a VERY imperfect fit. I haven’t tried one as I don’t like the look.

Perhaps the best alternative is to look for a cheaper piece on ebay, but DO make sure that you see a photo of the wooden threads on the handle’s end. You really should see that detail before you buy. I see pieces with wood handles costing less than $25 including shipping with some regularity. The best case would be a piece where the enamel is damaged, but the handle is still good.