There are actually a couple of different types. Find a replacement when the threads wear out can be a chore.

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  1. Dennis Conklin says:

    I need a replacement for the handle pictured . How do I acquire it?

  2. Carol Preletz says:

    I also need a handle for my descoware what do you suggest. My husband made one but it just pulls out.

  3. Debi McGregor says:

    I have 2 pieces of the belgium descoware. My big frying pan? is the dark,reddish orange and I remember my mom,in the 60’s,cooking pork chops in it & it had a glass lid I think. It has the gray inside. I dont have the lid and the handle comes loose too. I also have a 1-2 qt saucepan , the bright orange color and the handle came out of that too. I use them both almost every day and my husband was able to fix the saucepan handle by wrapping tin foil around it,as a shim to fill in the spaces. So far it has worked well although I am still careful wth it.
    I have about 4 lids to smaller saucepans but no pans. I also have 2 other wood handles that dont fit with either of the 2 pans I do have,but they are worn down too. What I’d really love is the blue pieces. I never knew they existed until I saw them on this site. My kitchen is blue,black and white. I love the cobalt blue colors and have a small collection of cobalt blue depression glass, like butter dishes,salt and pepper shakers & drinking glasses to name a few.
    I wish the company would make these again.They’d go over like gangbusters!!!

  4. Pinky McTuscadero says:

    As far as handles go – what’s the story on the metal-handled saucepans/skillets? Were these just a different style sold concurrently with the wood-handled versions, or are they from another era? Can anyone recommend one over the other, as far as daily use and funcitonality? The wood handles, obviously, are beautiful but I see quite a few people mentioning they become loose (to be expected all these years later).

  5. nancy holston says:

    I need 4 pot handles 51/2 inches long 3 inches in round

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