Descoware has traditionally been a great value, even when it was new. For most people, it’s a nice low level collectible that you can use in your kitchen. My own enamelware collection gets used almost every day. If you’ve found a piece and think that it’s worth a fortune… probably not.

The place to buy is eBay (of course). The value for a typical item is around $20 plus the shipping. When you compare that to new enamelware… it’s quite a buy.

Over the few years that I’ve been watching, there have been a couple of higher priced items. Some of the rare pieces go for between $100 and $150 dollars.

What makes them worth more?

  1. Unusual. There are some decorative patterns that didn’t get to the United States very often. Like everything else, scarcity creates value.
  2. Extra Useful. The large baking pans are seriously great to cook with. Deep, heavy and SOOO durable.
  3. Unused. They came out of the box with logo sticker.
  4. In the box. The boxes are actually quite rare. I only see 4 or 5 boxed items per year.

15 Responses to Valuable?

  1. Doris Keith-Hoitt says:

    I found a large orange oval roaster with a lid at St. Vincent de Pauls. I paid sixty dollars for it and I love it. It says “Belgium on the bottom and that is all. Is it Descoware? It’s a marvelous pot and I use it a lot. It is waaay off white in the inside. Doris

  2. Most pieces will have the script logo like at the top of the site, but the foundry in Belgium did make pieces that were not for export. Also, there were other foundries for making cast iron in the same area. Whatever you do… don’t bleach to get it white!

  3. marie says:

    some of my descoware is stamped and some is actually in the mold, is one more valuable then the other thank you

  4. Jaylynn says:

    I just purchased an entire set with the logo on the bottom of each as on the web site…seven skillets, roaster, casserole dish, tea pot, butter melter and two other sauce pans for $40…my mother use to use these and I was tickled pink to get them!


  5. Robert says:

    A good friend passed about 4 months ago and had an entire set of Flame Red..I saw the wooden handles and the color and laughed..too 70’s..Thankfully I saw the French Oval and rescued it.. I’ve used it so often..its bliss…now I’m beating myself up for not taking it all!! even had the oval cassoroles and fondue pot with forks.. Someone Kick me please!!

  6. Honestly, Robert. I am tempted to delete your post. This I know… you will often miss the rest of that set!

  7. Coral says:

    I found a yellow bean pot in perfect condition at Salvation Army for $8. I am hooked now and I love the yellow color!!

  8. Anabel says:

    I found a large cast iron descoware flame red coffee pot in mint condition. The coffee pot came with the inner coffee ground basin but no stem as the pot is designed to hold the basin. It is beautiful but I am not able to use it as it is missing the filter net at the bottm. Does anyone know where I may be able to find a replacement basin net?

  9. Brennen says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I have a large oval dutch oven in a mustard/gold colour i love it , it is just as good a Le Creauset and almost 1/2 the price . Also what are some of the best web sights to buy vintage cookware ( other than e bay ).

    ,thank you

  10. Hi Anabel– I did make an attempt at putting up some classifieds attached to this site for that purpose, but no one showed up with even a single in 4 years, so…. they’re gone. I dod suspect that the coffee pots with complete filter kits will do well in value over time.

  11. SusanDiane says:

    I was given a Red flame Descoware pitcher by my Mom. It stands around 8.5″ High. I was wondering if you think it has any value? No one seems to like it but me. I am drawn to it and have moved it from place to place over the last 10 years.

  12. What you have there is the base of a coffee pot. It’s missing the percolator parts and the lid. Funny but I use that same piece as a cold water pitcher in the fridge. It’s limited value since it’s not complete–probably under $20.

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