Unusual Fryer

This piece is just freaky looking to my well trained Descoware-at-the-thrift-store spotting eyes. Very unusual.

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3 Responses to Unusual Fryer

  1. Mary Scharosch says:

    My Mom bought this same pot in the 50’s and used it for all her deep frying.
    It was great.

  2. ellabee says:

    The fryer is illustrated in the ad elsewhere on the site, purportedly from 1956, that shows the whole line in yellow (and points to another ad where they’re all shown in flame). I’m betting the fryer and a few of the other specialized items shown there (the roaster pan, the segmented shallow baker w/lid) had been dropped by the early 1960s. They don’t appear in the hanging-tag flyer that seems to show the whole line.

  3. kkyazoo says:

    this is a great piece for a “new England boiled dinner.”

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