Tulip Blue

Not very many of these. The tulip pieces are almost identical to another maker… know which one?

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  1. bernadette says:

    Cronin blue tulip pottery is the same color and same tulip design

  2. LIsa says:

    I just picked up a piece of enamelware that looks a good deal like this, and marked (molded into the metal) “Made in Belgiu,” — doesn’t say “Descoware” anywhere, but it does have what looks like two capital letter D”s back to back. (Can send pics – should they go to the “info” address on the Got Pictures? page?)

    I just want to clarify what it is, and maybe figure out when it was made.

  3. Mel Howard says:

    I have this pot and lid. Is it worth enough I might want to consider selling?

  4. Mariane says:

    i have this same pot with lid, with the descoware made in belgium logo. the numers that are shown are different thoiugh

  5. Mary Connelly says:

    I have a tulip blue cast ion enamel pot with the same floral pattern, but it is marked Made in Holland.The inside is divided into three secions, one large, two smaller.
    Lid has vent hold under handle. What do I have?

  6. Pretty sure that’s Dru cookware.

  7. Doug B. says:

    I just bought an identical piece at the Goodwill on SE Grand in Portland for 13.00 bucks. Same size and a couple of flea bites on the rim.

  8. jane smith says:

    Blue tulip pottery is a Cameron Clay Product, check out Facebook

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