RARE Desco Ivy

This is the only piece that I have seen with this decorative style. Similar to the Descorama vegetable pattern, but clearly a different design.

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4 Responses to RARE Desco Ivy

  1. Lisa says:

    Are you positive it’s a Desco?

    Love your site, by the way. I just found it.

  2. Definitely DescoWare… Stamp on the bottom of a fry pan of the same design.

  3. Bill Holland says:

    I just found what I’m sure is a Descoware round Dutch oven in pink or maybe you’d call it rose. It is unmarked, and to confuse things further, in addition to the telltale shape of the lid handle, there are two concentric circles in top of the lid, which I believe is unusual.

    So… do you think it is Descoware?


  4. ellabee says:

    The pattern is exactly that of a line of porcelain in made by Mitterreich called ‘Leaves’. I wonder if it might have been commissioned by them.

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