Size Markings

I’ve noticed two types of stampings: Numbered and Coded.

Numbered. This seems to be an earlier type. These are “FE” meaning cast iron, “Belgium”, and a single number. The number looks to be centimeters.

Coded. The pieces stamped with the codes seem to be later. Once again, “FE” and “Belgium”, but the numbering looks like some sort of piece code. I am looking at one of my pieces marked: “8 2-D”, for example. BUT as I look through today’s listing on ebay… there’s on marked “80-A 14”. The whole arrangement seems kind of inscrutable, but it does appear that the larger numbers appear on the pot and the small numbers appear on the lid.

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  1. Kevin says:

    From the le creuset yahoo group…..

    • 80-A 14 saucepan = 800ml (filled to the brim), 14cm diameter
    • 89-A 18 saucepan = 890ml (filled to the groove where the lid sits on), 18cm diameter

  2. rachel says:

    how do the lid #’s correspond with the # or code on the pot, i’ve noticed many pieces on ebay are without the lid, and lids are listed separately, how do i know which lid to buy?

  3. Diane Marie Knott says:

    FE does not refer to iron I think, but to the factory in Belgium that made it which was Founderie Emaillerie of St Trond.

    I have one my great uncle gave to my mother in the 1970’s. It’s probably a line he carried in his store in California from the 40’s to the 60’s. It’s a cherry flame (red graduated to orange) small round Dutch oven with a gray interior. The bottom of the pot has the Descoware (in cursive) with made in Belgium (in all caps) enameled in black. Stamped on the bottom in the iron itself (before glaze was applied) is the FE 20 6. The lid has 3 ridges encircling the cast iron handle in the center FE above the handle & No 6 below the handle is raised in the iron casting before glazing. There is another, slightly higher ridge near the outside rim of the lid which roughly corresponds to where the lip starts on the underside. In all caps MADE IN BELGIUM is stamped into the enameling in the center inside of the lid. I believe this may have been one of the earliest pieces imported from the factory in Belgium, circa 1952 – late 1950’s

    I was hoping to find out more about it but no one seems to have one like it on any of the sites. It’s kind of fun having a vintage piece that has passed down to me through my family. Enjoy cooking in yours!

  4. Wallace Smith says:

    I have noticed Descoware beanpots on ebay and there is never a sizing listed, but the one I looked at (online) had “FE 3” on it. Is there any way to know what size this is? Also, I missed out on a “22” (@3 qt?) round dutch oven with the maple leaf design. The others left on ebay currently are in terrible shape; anyone know where to find one of these that is cosmetically better?

  5. Most of the markings do indicate size. I’ll take a guess that the 3 refers to liters. Ebay is pretty much the only source that works… I tried doing free classifieds here but no one added anything so I took them down after a couple of years.

  6. Yvette says:

    Can someone help me decode frying pan numbers?. If I want a 12″ lid and 12″ pan what numbers should I see – same with 11″

  7. nancy hoving says:

    I have a yellow oval 9 X 11 casserole with 3-C imprinted on the cover. What is the quart size? And is it ok to brown veg or meat on the stovetop before cooking in the oven?

  8. 4 cups to a quart… Got a measuring cup? :>)

  9. Best to SEE a regular ruler in the picture…

  10. Kim Rickard says:

    Hi I was wondering if you can tell me a little about my pot. I got it from my mom and it is made in belgium which is stamped inside the lid. It is a very small pot. I think one qt. It is light blue with the dark blue tulip pattern. Also stamped on the bottom it has 17-A, 16, and FE Belgium. I was born in 1958 so i think when my dad went over seas in the 40s my parents may have bought it there. Since they lived in Germany! Any info would be appreciated. thank you

  11. patty says:

    ihave teapot sure made by hand.brass iron and stainless steel. you can see where the metals were hammered together.handle is metal and ribited togeather, but moves. on bottom it has #1 made in Belgium. would appreciate any info you may have on this piece. it is beautiful and would have been useful, or still would. thanks

  12. Judith Hicks says:

    Have a 3-qt. Descoware Dutch Oven, FE8, flame red in color. Looking for a lid in good shape. Does anyone know what number I should be looking for. Thanks.

  13. Colleen says:

    I recently found a Descoware Dutch Oven at a thrift shop with 17 – D, 22, E, FE on the bottom. The lid has FE 22 on the inside. The lid doesn’t seem to fit snugly. Is it supposed to? The lid seems to be just a tad larger than the pot.

    I have used it for a small beef stew and also a pork roast – both of which turned out lovely.

    Can anyone tell me if the lids is supposed to sit snugly on the pot? If so, I may need a different sized lid. Does anyone know what size lid will fit my pot better?

  14. Toni C says:

    Descoware Special Made in Belgium? 10 inch fry pan and sauce pan with this marking on the bottom. What is the value?

  15. Toni C says:

    Sorry I didn’t mention this in my last comment. Soft Yellow outside and gray on the inside.

  16. Maple Farrell says:

    I have a small yellow pot (no handle of course) as well as the orange Dutch ovens (2) , I think a 2 quart and a 5 quart; both with lids. I learned to cook on these and Duncan Hines Stainless. Actually returned a Le Cruset that was gifted to me. Love the site. Thank you

  17. Judith Peters says:

    I HAVE A SMALL DUTCH OVEN WITH NO LID. iT MEASURES 8″ diameter. Where do I find a lid?

  18. Garye Costner says:

    I have a Descoware oval pot and I am looking for a lid. Its a cast iron oval pot 3 C 22M. If you have a lid please get in touch with me thanks.

  19. gsxher says:

    Just a suggestion maybe there could be a chart. Ex year, markings, and colors for all the pots and pans so we can look them up in order to find out what we need to know. It might just make things a little easier. The more we offer the better the chart.

  20. Nelson Anderson says:

    I have what I believe to be a 7 qt. Bean Pot in Flame red. The lid says Belgium and the number 7. All I see on line is 3 qt. bean pots? Do I have something rare? I took a measuring cup and filled the bean pot twice. Each time with 14 pints.


  21. Garye Costner says:

    Hey Kevin

    Do you ever get any lids for a 6 qt oval 3-C22 M Descoware pot ? I would be interested in trying to purchase such an item. I am not too picky about color either. My pot is plain cast iron so any lid would work out just fine.

  22. Brent says:

    I just want to ask how the label corresponds with the age and where it was created. Mine, that I found yesterday is probably a 5-6 qt size. It has the first label pictured in this group, Descoware, Made in Belgium. The lid and base are stamped.

  23. Lisa says:

    Is there a Descoware size chart somewhere? Based on the discussions taking place on this board it seems there isn’t. But there just HAS to be one SOMEwhere, don’t you think?

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