you know… the LOGO!

The Basic Mark

The Basic Mark

Special? Descoware Special?

Special? Descoware Special?

Sometimes you have to clean to see the logo.

Sometimes you have to clean to see the logo.

Stamped on Flame

Stamped on Flame

Very Bright Yellow

Very Bright Yellow

Stamped on Avocado

Stamped on Avocado

9 Responses to Markings

  1. Jane says:

    Sizes on lids have been baffling me. Can you interpret the numbering system on descoware lids.

  2. Steve says:

    I have a large flame pot that we bought at a garage sale that we originally thought was le creuset but now think that it might be descoware. The only markings on it are “Made in Belgium” and 30. It has a smooth enameled outside bottom, not unpainted and textured as shown in your photo.

  3. PrMike says:

    I have what looks to be a Descoware of some vintage, but it has some markings I have not been able to find elsewhere, as yet.

    The stamp at “six o’clock” on the bottom does not say, “Made in Belgium.” Just “Belgium,” topped with a “dot” and an “FE,” presumably signifying “Founderie Emaillerie.”

    The stamp at “twelve o’clock” reads “17D” with a “22” underneath that and a “P” underneath that. It’s that “P” that I haven’t found anywhere else.

    Any input?

  4. Ben Livant says:

    Hello and thank you for this website. I own a 5.5 litre dutch oven. The enamel finish is mainly brown in two tones; the bottom half of the pot is dark, the top light; the outer edge of the lid is dark, the rest light. The handles on both the pot and the lid are white.

    Based on some of the photos you have provided, I am confident that it is a Descoware. The stamp on the bottom of the pot reads from top to bottom: Logo (a superimposed combination of a capital T and a capital E with the middle horizontal line of the E also drawn left of the E’s vertical line), M/2-F, 12-26, C, Belgium. The stamp on the underside of the lid reads from top to bottom: Logo, 2F 12, Belgium.

    I bought this dutch oven almost 15 years ago from a second-hand consignment store for 10 or 15 dollars. I am wondering how old it might be. Please let me know if you can.

    I am also seeking advice with respect to maintaining this piece of cookware. The inside enamel on the bottom of the pot is starting to chip away. There are already two holes the size of dimes where it is gone completely with the cast iron exposed.

    Is there any way to repair this damage and prevent further decay? Can it be done at home? (Most doubtful.) Is there a company that specializes in such repairs and is it cost-effective compared to going out and buying a new Le Creuset or Staub? I understand that those two manufacturers offer life-time warranties. Alas Descoware is no longer in business.

    Once again, I thank you for receiving my inquiry and I look forward to any information you can give me, cheers.

    Ben Livant

  5. Kathi Cavaco says:

    I am trying to find a website where I may purchase this enamel cookware. I have one skillet that i purchased in spain many years ago and love it! If you know of a website that I may go to and purchase more I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for this site !

  6. Tara C. says:

    doesn’t Fe stand for Iron. . . from periodic table

  7. Pinky McTuscadero says:

    As far as markings go – I’ve seen some pieces on eBay marked “Made in Belgium” in colors typically associated with Descoware – like the cherry flame – but do not say Descoware on them anywhere? What’s the story?

  8. Descoware was a US company that imported from manufacturers. The manufacturers made products to sell in Europe without the desco logo.

  9. I have a lime green fry pan from 1970 marked Belgium FE

    There are some scratches on bottom . Enamel
    Around the edges are worn.

    Is this still safe to use?

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