Paper Labels- It’s not uncommon to find pieces that still have the paper label still attached.

Logo Markings- the black inky looking printing in the enamel like the “descoware” on the bottom of pieces.

Size Markss- the stamped markings indicating iron, size or who knows?

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  1. Hope says:


    many of the pieces that I own have the metal handle that moves. I cannot find pics of this type….can you tell me anything about this style?

  2. Art3gal says:

    I just bought 4 pieces of “flame” – orange to me, pcs of Descoware made in Belgium, one is a very large roaster? with lid, the other pcs are possible 6 qt. with lid, and the other two are like 1 qt. and 2-4 qt., both with lids, these have round “open” handles – don’t know if they had wood in them or not…trying to find some infor on these…I looked at the Julie Child stove and these are the same color…just haven’t seen the pieces…any info would be appreciated. Haven’t used them, (except for the very large “roaster” type with lid. Thank you.

  3. lori says:

    I have aquired x2 pieces with a simple “made in belgium” in black ink on the bottom. An engraved mark that looks like a triangle with dots on each point , and Fe 22 as well.
    Any clues who these are manufactured from?

    Many Thanks,

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