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Julia Child was a great advocate for Descoware. In fact, it’s largely true that in the US she almost single-handedly popularized “gourmet” kitchen tools and gadgets. She often recommended products without endorsement because she was much more interested in teaching her audience than selling goodies. Here’s a picture of Julia’s stove, Descoware on top, at the Smithsonian. You can wander a little and see the rest of her kitchen.

One of my favorite items in Julia Child‘s wikipedia entry is that her kitchen (designed by her husband Paul) had extra high counters. Like her, I am too tall for normal height kitchen counters! Somehow I doubt my kitchen will ever be put into the Smithsonian, but maybe my Desco…

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Surprise!! Julia Child was probably a real life SPY!

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  1. Candy Eve says:

    Saw the trailer, and it is actually about JULIA CHILD’s life, and a second story that is in the present time where a girl named JULIE decides to challenge herself to cook every recipe in JULIA CHILD’s cookbook. Both stories are true. Julia Child is played by the wonderful MERYL STREEP. The movie is coming out in August 2009 I believe!

    I look forward to seeing what they use in HER kitchen, and if they use DESCOWARE!

  2. Kevin says:

    I am really looking forward to the movie “Julie and Julia” which is starring Meryl Streep as Julia.

    Here’s a link with trailers: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1135503/

    I am really hoping that this will finally erase that Dan Ackroyd impersonation from Saturday Night Live in 1976.

  3. Joe says:

    Just read a review of the film in Newsweek, and one line stood out:

    “Boeuf bourguignon, whose recipe stretches across three pages in Mastering, becomes a character in the film (made in that iconic flame-colored Le Creuset casserole I have to this day).”

    I hope that Descoware is used in the movie.

  4. Candy Eve says:

    They evidently got paid to PUSH LE CREUSET. They substituted Julia’s Descoware for LC and even displayed it in her kitchen that was filmed in the SMITHSONIAN. BUT they did have the original DESCOWARE frypan on the wall with the wooden handle!

    I loved the movie, but was disappointed at the SWAP! Any Dutch Oven actually used by Julia would have had a grand patina, and show love of cooking, not a spanking new shiny LE CREUSET with BLACK KNOB glaring from the range!!!!

    I love my CHERRY FLAME dutch ovens, and a few MAPLE LEAF items that I have recently found!

    I also saw JULIA CHILD’s Cooking show on TV recently, so they are still airing it sometimes, somewhere! She was a joy to watch! Meryl did a fabulous job!

    If you have not seen the movie, pick it up on DVD when it comes out!

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