Flame or Sunburst

This is the color that most people know as Descoware. In the gallery is a typical GREAT garage sale find. A couple in this set show the overused bottom. I’m looking into some enamelware repair process- if you have some knowledge in this area…

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  1. Doris Keith-Hoitt says:

    Finally! I found exactly what my pan is. It’s the large oval roaster I see in this picture. I would love it if I could get the largest and the 1 1/2 quart saucepans with the fry pan lids. Is there any place where I can buy these pans? Doris

  2. Candy Eve says:

    Originally called CHERRY FLAME Porcelain over cast iron, this is now referred to as ORANGE FLAME, enamel over cast iron. Some pieces made in Japan are enamel over steel, and I suspect maybe some are aluminum inside, but not sure.

    I love ALL my DESCOWARE! I just got lucky and won a DESCOWARE WOK N DOK, in orange, and can’t wait to get it. It is from the JAPANESE line, and should be enamel over steel.

    ANYONE out there in DESCOWARE land have the instruction booklet or advertisement for the WOK N DOK, please email me! I would love to get one, or even a good digital copy, or even a photo copy of it!!!!



  3. kay says:

    I was out of the state with my parents not to long ago and my mother brought out this orange skillet and began to fry something in it, once i got a look at it i was very emotional as this is the same skillet she used when i was a child to fry chicken. It just brought back so many memories of being a child and having family around you. Of course I put my dibbs in for this skillet as my inheritance.


    I have two small,covered roasters in Desco; one is oval and the other round.
    Both are made in Belgium and have white enamel interiors.
    I am down sizing and need to eliminate heavy pans. How do I determine the value?

  5. Karen Esser says:

    Am looking for a re-enamel repair for one of my pieces. Have had since 1970. Does anyone know if this can be done or to whom I can send the piece for repair? Thanks for any and all help on this.

  6. Heidi says:

    I just bought an orange flame covered pot. It has three sections. I thought this would be a gret dish for cooking leftovers. I did send a photo. Any ideas about the age and if this was a unique pot.

  7. logan says:

    I am looking for a flame teakettle. my 90 year old mother wants another one to replaced the one she uses daily and is just about rusted through.

    please contact me if you have one or know where I can buy one..

    Many many thanks,



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