Japanese Era

Some of the designs and colors from the period when DescoWare was made in Japan. When the Desco guys in Los Angeles were facing increased competition, they briefly manufactured in Japan instead of Belgium. The Japanese colors were a little different. The yellows were less pale…more of an autumn.  The Flame turned into Just Plain Orange. The designs from Japan got wild and there were a lot of accessories… the fondue set, the chafing dish–I have a set of canisters in orange and some plates in the autumn yellow color.

The pieces are much harder to identify because the Descoware Marking on the bottom was left out. Instead, they used paper labels only so unless the piece has been found with the paper label still attached, it’s largely impossible to identify.

They were also made from a much lighter gauge metal compared to the Belgian manufacture. The series included pots with little knobby handles on the lids. Anyone know what those knobs were made with?