Accessory Pieces

Did you know that Descoware made an ashtray? Weird, but true. They made lots of different pieces–here’s a few.

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  1. cj says:

    Great site. I saw image 7 and realized I had a set of 4 red orange plates like image 7. They were unmarked, had teakwood planks they rested in and a cork circle on the bottom which had a JAPAN stamp. I knew they were very cool and now I know thanks to you they were Descoware. I sold them to a man for his boat in FL. Thanks for wonderful info!

  2. Candy Eve says:


    The links to your pictures is not working. Only the labels are viewable from my computer. Can not see anything else! Are you doing maintenance on this site? I have a few more photos to send you….

    Candy Eve

  3. Candy Eve says:

    Just after I sent this, some are becoming visible again. MAYBE GREMLINS are in the internet today…. ???

    Did you get my photos and details about the bean pot on the warming stand?
    The wooden base in not there, but the stand is way cool! The “Warming Stand” is enamel over aluminum, like the dok from the “Wok and Dok”. If you did not get the photos, let me know, and I will send again.


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