This is page is a place to a put a comment if you are looking for a particular piece and can’t find it. Just add a comment!

If someone sees your listing and has the right part, they can reply and you will (hopefully) get an email. Kevin  doesn’t collect anyone’s information so it would be just between the two of you.

50 Responses to Lost+Found?

  1. robyn thomas says:

    i have a large coffee/teapot i recently saw another one advertised with a middle part. is there a place to buy replacement parts or do you just have to find them by chance. thanks robyn

  2. paul says:

    i found a little yellow pot but its a ashtry made by descoware are these rare?

  3. Candy Eve says:

    I have seen the ashtrays on EBAY a few times. I have seen the deep fryer only once, and the two kinds of trivets shown on this site in the photo area.

    All the items are getting somewhat rare as time goes on, and we collect and use what we have. That is what makes a FIND such a joy!!!


  4. (oopsie… late reply) Coffee pots that still have their parts are fairly scarce. If you find one that is complete… better snap it up!

  5. Pat Johnson says:

    Looking to trade/purchase a lid for my dutch oven. Needs to be 10 & 1/2″ wide.

    I currently have a round dutch oven lid that is 9 & 3/4″ wide that I would consider trading.

  6. LELAND says:


  7. Mark Schreibman says:

    Dear Kevin Purchased turquoise Descoware dutch oven w/o markings on E-Bay . . it is exactly similar to autumn-leaf Descoware dutch oven I also own. I understand the turquoise was made in very limited quantities. It is absolutely stunning and I would like to get your impression of same. How do I make that happen? docmark1@comcast.net

  8. this from Mark by email. “General Housewares Corp. sold-off patents/Descoware castings in mid-to-late 1970’s to Le Creuset. Le Creuset used a few of the castings for a brief period and imparted their own proprietary colorations/turquoise. So what we have here is a descoware casted piece colored by Le Creuset. You will not find turquoise enameled pieces predeeding the period of Le Creuset ownership.

    Le Creuset, during period of same, also imparted proprietary turquoise coloration to some of their own pieces, which can be seen with the ‘phenolic lid handle’. I have found at least one other turquoise casting of a former Descoware piece under the Le Creuset label/vintage. Again these castings were produced within just a few short years of each other, with the Descoware pieces preceding the Le Creuset pieces.

    If you provide your address, I will send E-bay pictures from preceding paragraph, if interested. Descoware differentiates itself from Le Creuset in a number of ways. For starters, the pieces are lighter weight and more refined. Their enameling process, over the years has proven itself more durable/chip resistant, and I find their designs/shape even more contemporary. “

  9. Dave says:

    I have a set of canisters in mint condition from the japanese period with all the labels. I do not believe they were ever used. They also have the flame red/orange coloring with wooden rings and handles on the lids. There are 4 in the set. I have no use for them as they have setting up in a closet for years. Is there a collectors site where I could post these for sale?

  10. Terina says:

    I am searching for a good condition 9qt dutch oven in flame. It might not even need a lid, as I have the large skillet which has a lid that would likely fit the large dutch oven also. I LOVE my Descoware, and I am hoping to replace my Martha Stewart heavy as heck and chipping on the outside (even though I take VERY GOOD CARE of it!) version of the enameled CI dutch oven. Any thoughts? I check e-bay and shopgoodwill.com and Etsy regularly. Sigh. I have only seen it come up once on E-bay and I was outbid sniper style at the end. Anyone?

  11. Terina says:

    i just got a descoware skillet and i really like it! came here to learn more and lo and behold… we have the same name!

    i live in the bay area and there are lots of little retro charm stores that have products like this…keep searching antique malls/estate sales too! good luck! i too am hoping to find more…

  12. Christopher says:

    I recently scored a MINT sun yellow 5.5 qt. Descoware pot with NO COVER. The size is not stamped but it is a ’26’. How I know is I went to a Le Creuset store and sized the covers and voila! the 26 was a perfect fit. Question is how do I get a cover for my pot? I doubt anyone has a spare yellow 26cm cover just lieing around and I also doubt that Le Creuset will sell just a cover, even if I COULD afford it! Any ideas? Thanks! CRT

  13. Terina says:

    Check E-bay often. Lots of folks are selling just lids. Sometimes you can even make an offer. You will find it!

  14. AndieP says:

    A few weeks ago I posted a comment about an unusual Tea kettle/steamer that I bought many years ago. The lid was broken but I still have the Tea kettle and the steamer insert.
    I included a link to pictures of it and another Descoware item:

    My comment was up for a couple of weeks and now it is no longer on your site. Did I include something unwanted in my comment?

  15. Judy Johnson says:

    I purchased a `1 quart vacuum carafe by Descoware (with original box) at an estate sale yesterday. The box says it’s CK 501 Flame. There are no identifying marks on the carafe itself. How can I verify its authenticity?

  16. Hi Judy. Seems like that the carafe in the box indicates the authenticity. You wouldn’t happen to have a photo would you? info -at- descoware.com

  17. Tim Hardy says:

    I just found 2 brand new pieces of vintage descoware markley pattern (I think – yellow with cooking / food items painted on the items / Belgium stamped on the bottoms). One is a wooden handled pan (approx. 6″ handle / 8″ pan) with a partial red sticker on the bottom and the other is a small covered casserole dish with a top (approx. 7″ x 5″ and 3″ deep).

    I’m not planning on using them and they appear to be very collectable.

    Any suggestions ?


  18. Meng-shi Chen says:

    I have been looking for the large bean pot, 5 (or 5.5?) qt, not the 3 qt that can still be found on ebay sometimes. I really would appreciate if anyone knows how to get one.

  19. Meredith seiser says:

    I have a butter yellow colored Descoware dutch over lid, size 26. It shows a little wear. I got it at Goodwill. Do you still need a lid? Goodwill manages to separate a lot of pans and lids, I buy the Descoware lids whenever I come across one, in hopes I can make a match.

  20. Bill Holland says:

    I have a gorgeous Descoware large oval Dutch oven, in flame, 14 1/2 X 11 inches (not including handles). Oven itself is in terrific shape… but the lid has a crack halfway through it, both in the enamel and the iron. I’ve looking for quite a while to find a replacement lid. Would any of you Descowareans have one for sale? Please let me know. Thanks.

  21. Yvette says:

    Looking for an 11″ yellow skillet lid

  22. K.D. Resavy says:

    I have the small butter warmer pot and lid in the yellow Markley Descorama pattern. I would like to find the base that matches it.

  23. Jennifer Yates says:

    I am looking for the flame “30” size skillet. Mine recently cracked. I was so disappointed. I have the 23 and 28 already and love them.

  24. Craig Shulman says:

    Of the few pieces of Descoware my Mom recently gave me, I am most intrigued by the
    coffee pot. I believe I have all the parts including the middle section. My problem is I
    have no idea how to use it being from the drip coffee maker era. I presume the coffee
    goes inside the inner basket. How much water do you put in? How do you know when
    brewing is done? Your help is appreciated. Also, of course we love our Dutch oven, bean pot, and small skillet!

  25. Craig Shulman says:

    I’ve been meaning to reply again. Last Sunday I saw my Mom and
    told her all the various ideas people had about how to use the coffee
    pot she had given me. She simply replied, “Oh yeah . . . it’s a drip-o-later.”
    Just goes to show that Moms know everything!

  26. Deb says:

    I have what I think is a whole coffee pot – from my mom who I remember watching make coffee in it the 1950’s. There are four parts: pot w/lid and inside grounds holder with it’s own lid. Can you tell me if that’s indeed the whole pot? I’m not terribly interested in keeping it but if I sell it I want to know it’s all there. Thank you.

  27. Bernard Z. Lee says:

    I found an orange Descoware dutch oven in a garage sale. The pot is marked:
    Descoware 12 P
    The lid is marked:
    FE 12 3C Belgium
    Unfortunately the lid is cracked. Does anyone know how I can replace it?

  28. Usually it’s the bottom of the pan or pot that wears out. Start watching ebay. It’s fairly frequent that people sell lids… tho sometimes you’ll have to buy a bad pot to get one.

  29. Bernard Z. Lee says:


  30. Susan Garcia says:

    I have been searching for a free copy of “The Mark of Athena” pdf/ebook. Could someone please help me where to find it?

  31. Tod P. says:

    Are you still looking for a lid. I’ve got one with the pot surface ruined..

  32. Bernard Z. Lee says:

    Yes I am still looking for a lid. What can you tell me about yours?

  33. Bernard Z. Lee says:

    No response from Tod about his lid. I’d like to know if he is interested in selling it.
    Please respond to my email address:
    And thanks

  34. David Swanson says:

    I need a lid to fit a 5″ top of a small casserole. Marked 7A 12 A FE or FF? Any condition as long as its intact.

  35. Julissa says:

    Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very imntatrpo.

  36. Virginia Smith-Rader says:

    I have 9-1/2 inch small frying pan that I recently got from my brother’s home as I packed up after his death from pancreatic cancer. The lid was dropped. It’s orange/reddish and is about 10 inches to fit on top. Anyone with a lid. This means more than it should … to me … for sentimental reasons. Please respond.

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  38. Susan C says:

    Hi Virgina. So sorry for your loss. I have noticed quite a few lids only selling on eBay. Maybe you can find one there

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  40. leslie says:

    I have 2 extra lids and would like to know which size pots I’m looking for.
    Lid #18 maybe for a 6 1/2″ pot?
    Lid #14 maybe for a 5″ pot?
    Can anyone confirm this or offer me pots?

  41. Donna says:

    My mother has a pie pan in the flame color that she received from my great grandmother. I have been trying to find another pie pan but, I haven’t even seen a picture of one. If you have a pie pan for sale let me know.

  42. Charlotte says:

    Hi there
    If the 5″ lid is orange and you decide to sell I am interested.
    Thank you,

  43. Charlotte says:

    Hi there
    I am in need of a Descoware 5″ lid, orange, for a small saucepan. Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,

  44. leslie says:

    I have an extra lid, but I’ve found that you need to be clear on the outside dimension as well as the dimension of the inside lip. My lid (orange flame) is 5 3/4″ outside and the lip is exactly 5″, so it will fit on a small pot that is 5″ in diameter. Please email me if you are interested.

  45. Leslie says:

    My lid is orange and I would sell it to you for just$5 plus shipping. I am out of town until Sunday night but can email you a photo when I get home.
    Vty, Leslie

  46. Wendy says:

    I have my mom’s yellow small dutch oven. The bottom is marked I-B 6 H. It measures 7-7/8″ across and is 3-1/2″ tall. Where can I find a lid for this sweet pot?
    Thanks, Wendy

  47. nicole says:

    I have a flame E20 lid. I would like to find a pot for it or if someone is looking for the lid I’d be willing to part with it. Either way it seems to be rare as most I am finding are E18 & E22. LMK

  48. Jane McWilliams says:

    I have a w qt dutch oven in yellow from my grandmother who was a wonderful cook. I have broken the white ceramic knob on the top. It is attached with a screw. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement?


  49. Patti Messenger says:

    I can’t help you find an identical ceramic knob, but I broke the plastic knob on the lid of another brand of cast iron dutch oven. I went to Home Depot, and found a pretty metal drawer pull. I used that to replace my broken knob. It is beautiful and durable and unique now. That new drawer pull makes it look like it was made by a designer.

    I think I had to cut down the screw that came with the drawer pull, because it was too long. Hubby recommended that I thread a nut onto the screw before cutting it. So that if there were burrs on the freshly cut screw, they would be pushed back into place when the nut was removed. He was right. And because we did it this way, we were able to get the screw to thread easily into the drawer pull through the Dutch oven lid. I hope this helps.

  50. That is a very clever idea!

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